Midjourney users have been rating images in the wild in the last adjustments to the V5 fine-tuning. Here is a collection of tweets with some early…
There is something extremely interesting that happens when we see certain people as kids. It's like all of a sudden everyone is likeable. So I tried…
Create elegant interior shots using this foundational prompt, and make it your own, experiment, add, remove and tinker to create new outputs.
I've been curious to test out how ChatGPT would score on an IQ test. So thats what I did, Pretty surprised by the results. Let's dissect.
Turn your copywriting skills up to 11 with my FREE 151 prompts. Love Note Generator by Jennie Dalgren. Sneak Peek on my upcoming Midjourney Course.
The other day I got caught up just playing around with isometric cars in Midjourney. Thought I'd share what I did and how you can make your own.
Before we get into the next large tutorial I wanted to share this prompt with you, I really love the output of this. You can tweak the prompt and create…
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